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I’ve blogged about this place too many times, but this isn’t only about donuts.

Southern California is a driving culture. It’s part of our social system. Donutman might be the greatest donut shop we have on the entire West Coast of the USA. Some will say that it’s “just donuts” regardless of how great they may be, but others, like us know otherwise. Yet, like driving over an hour to see shooting meteors from a vantage point better than most, Donutman being 40 miles away is a journey on it’s own. Getting there in Glendora, you see a line. It’s mixed with locals but also with others who drove their distance just to get there. Some eat at the benches, many go to their cars or sit at the side of the building. Donuts are social and the ride there and back are as important as the donuts themselves.



Strawberry is back after a short peach season.


Fresh chocolate. It’s great here.


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KAMEN RIDER Vs. SUPER SENTAI kicked off a double anniversary celebration of Ishimori Shotaro’s famous characters in downtown Los Angeles last weekend.  Curated by Little Tokyo’s new pop-culture shop addition, Q Pop Shop, and supported by Bandai and Anime Jungle, this official tribute honors 40 years of Kamen Rider and 35 years of Super Sentai.  150 artists offered a unique and eclectic twist on these retro icons that have captivated generations.  Super Sentai would eventually evolve into today’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.  Artists representing Japan included a rare mix such as TOUMA, Devil Robots, Chikuwaemil, Mad Barbarians, and Yucachin’- joined by Luke Chueh, Misha, Martin Hsu, Lillidoll, and a larger-than- life Kamen Rider.  The timing of this exhibit, hosted by JACCC  (Japanese American Cultural Community Center), falls on coinciding celebrations.  In Japan, Bandai is simultaneously developing a new Super Sentai artist-series line.  Their video game “Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross” was released in September this year.  “KAMEN RIDER Vs. SUPER SENTAI: Anniversaries Tribute Exhibition” exhibits at JACCC in downtown Los Angeles, from November 5 – November 13, 2011. (Text and photos by Caro)



Plenty of photos below!

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Donald Keene is moving to Japan and this piece by Slate Magazine is also a moving piece. After teaching for 50 years at Columbia University, he’s packed it up and at 89 is calling Japan his home. If you don’t know him, he’s been a savior, slave, and artist himself to Japanese culture. He’s penned, translated, lectured, and stood for many facets of Japan. Film, poetry, literature, and more. We’d have to guess that he started off as a fan. (Slate – Donald Keene)
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