E3 Day One

The E3 event in LA arrives again, and although there’s no giant announcement that seemed to move a mountain of any sort, it’s still a happening that matters. We do all play games of some sort, right? If not, we’re aware of them and they shape a tiny portion of our lives. After a tiny worry about getting in, we made it through. 4 deep to see the latest games. We did get to see Black Ops 2 in a private room and the new mode where you get to control more of the game. It’s as if you’re playing with a clan but you’re actually by yourself. The game takes place in LA as far as the campaign goes and it’s 2025 and you’re protecting the President. This means it’s chaos and near apocalyptic. Life is nuts and this game will add to it. It’s going to be a big deal. Of course, I’m most interested in the multiplayer mode which I didn’t get to see, but if it’s anything like the 10 minutes of preview that a fella from perhaps Treyarch demonstrated, it’s going to be fun. Of course, no photos allowed!

Below is Joust, an indie game that took place in the Indiecade area.


Carlos Angrybananas Lopez playing the Edmund McMillen Game. From Super Meat Boy to something new. Is this Binding of Isaac? Edmund is making it.



Black Ops sandwiches taste special. The insides of the meeting rooms seem like they’d be cooler from the outside, but in the end, it’s just set up to show and get you out!


A secret clan meet up. The bad food at the Convention center.

The HALO 4 line was super long.


The coolest thing might have been the Video Game Museum – retro game section. One day soon, it’ll be a museum.


Sound Shapes was my favorite game. It’s indie but for the Vita and PS3. Coming in August. It’s charming.


Hotdogs are good. I didn’t get one.

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