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E3 Day One

The E3 event in LA arrives again, and although there’s no giant announcement that seemed to move a mountain of any sort, it’s still a happening that matters. We do all play games of some sort, right? If not, we’re aware of them and they shape a tiny portion of our lives. After a tiny worry about getting in, we made it through. 4 deep to see the latest games. We did get to see Black Ops 2 in a private room and the new mode where you get to control more of the game. It’s as if you’re playing with a clan but you’re actually by yourself. The game takes place in LA as far as the campaign goes and it’s...

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Ten Things in 2011

This isn’t a Top Ten list like “Best Concert, Best Movie, or Best Toy”. It’s a list that’s as important and there are highlights in them all, but by no means is it a Top Ten of anything. They’re just important as everything else – family, friends, and so on. Maybe I’ll try and turn out a list that’s more like that…    We painted the mural on the wall. That alone was an 11 hour project.    Zen Garage – The year started off great with the Zen Garage art opening just a few days before the new year. Yet, the actual New Year’s Day kicked off with the Oshogatsu program at JANM. It was motor vehicles including the...

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