Artists Dropping Off Work for Game Over

I wish I shot them all. Maybe I will from now on. Many are fine and smiling. It’s a nice day out and if you’re self employed, you can go bike riding, but it is deadline day at Giant Robot for Game Over. Some artists look like they haven’t had enough sleep. Game Over has near 80 artists involved and that means 20% of the work will show up past deadline. These are some of the folks who walked in their work yesterday. I was happy to see them and I expect many more today.


That’s Ray Young Chu below who’d project is comprised of many paintings and wooden cut letters. It’s a game that could easily exist about the L.A. Riots. You can be a first person shooter, looter, or even a police officer. It’s as real as a piece can get.


Gary Musgrave – Joust (now corrected) action using acrylic ink.


Sarah Lee – Yes that’s inspired by Donkey Kong. It’s a great take of the game.


Sara Saedi – Crash Bandicoot. Who remember this game?


Mandana Ozlati, Albert Reyes, Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie in artist pose.


Jon Lau doing some Tekken


Sana Park Katamari