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Giant Robot Store: Totoro Mash Up Exhibition Nov 12 - Jan 15

Giant Robot Store: Pop Soup Series - Totoro Mash Up Exhibition Nov 12 - Jan 15 Particpating artists include: Flat Bonnie, Jon Lau, Jesse Tise, Patrick Hruby, Nikki Longfish, Kevin Luong, Mari Inukai, Leonardo Santamaria, Jeff McMillan, Junyi Wu, Dany Paragouteva, Lisa Kogawa, Nikko de Leon, Christy Saguanpong, Brian Luong, Michael Fleming, Joey Stupor, Aaron Brown, Ray Young Chu, Sean Chao, Eunice San Miguel, Bryan Wong, Vanessa Ramirez. Curated by the great Cassia Lupo. 

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WonderCon - View from the Giant Robot Booth

Giant Robot x Uglydoll Big Boss Collabs Giant Robot at WonderCon Booth 1411 was an experience. What were the expectations? Would it be anything like San Diego Comic Con? It's not even close. You will get great traffic. Throngs of people walk through, but the masses are heavily interested in merchandise related to movies. Of course right? It's a comic convention. This year, we were situated around a licensee who sells Batman and Superman goods. Subpar designed t-shirts were selling en masse. It was tough to understand. Meanwhile at the GR booth, we did our thing and that still works. The photos below will show you some of the items we made available. It's all different from the rest. Here are...

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Artists Dropping Off Work for Game Over

I wish I shot them all. Maybe I will from now on. Many are fine and smiling. It’s a nice day out and if you’re self employed, you can go bike riding, but it is deadline day at Giant Robot for Game Over. Some artists look like they haven’t had enough sleep. Game Over has near 80 artists involved and that means 20% of the work will show up past deadline. These are some of the folks who walked in their work yesterday. I was happy to see them and I expect many more today.   That’s Ray Young Chu below who’d project is comprised of many paintings and wooden cut letters. It’s a game that could easily exist about...

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