Norman Mineta to Receive the Highest Honor

Norman Mineta to receive Distinguished Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement and Public Service – the highest honor by the Japanese American National Museum. Frankly, I didn’t know there was such an honor or that there’s higher honors and lower honors, but this is great.

For a lot of you, you have no idea who this man is. He’s not in a sex video. He didn’t make a movie or sculpt a vinyl figure. He’s retired but was once the Secretary of Transportation. The single most known incident, he ordered planes to land during 9.11. Aside from that, he worked his ass off for incarcerated Japanese Americans and the San Jose airport? It’s in his name. Check it out.

That’s him at the Giant Robot Biennale 2 with myself, David Choe and Albert Reyes. Norman Mineta likes art. We’ll be doing Biennale 3 coming up in September. Norman, you better be there. (Rafu – Norman Mineta)