Nicely Done Jeremy Lin Viewpoint

Yes, it’s just a link to one article. It’s nicely thought out and written.

Excerpt: “The son of Chinese immigrants, Vincent Chin looked plenty enough like a Japanese automotive job-stealer to his attackers that they took a baseball bat to his brain. People shuddered at this, but it was the white men’s sentence to probation and $3,000 in fines that made communities link arms and identities in protest. Before that, “Asian American” was mainly something that lefty radicals and academics called themselves; very little distinction had previously been made, even amongst those who looked the part, between being, say, Chinese American versus Chinese, or Asian American versus Oriental.

It took the miscarriage of justice around a young man’s killing for the “Asian American” community to learn those distinctions, and for its members to recognize themselves in that name.”

(ESPN – Erin Khue Ninh)