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Jeremy Lin Meets and Beats the Knicks

The most watched player by Asian Americans is still Jeremy Lin. The season is long and sometimes we forget about the guy, yet he’s trucking along and played well against his old team. He was a hero last year, this year, he’s quickly becoming status quo which is a great. Why not an Asian American playing well in the NBA? 22pts 8 assists. [youtube]fP387y4P1MY[/youtube] Youtubelink

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Jeremy Lin for GQ

Jeremy Lin, from couch surfing to now playing on the Houston Rockets. The perfect subject for GQ Magazine’s cover. Do people still buy this magazine? We hope so. There also an article about him to go with it. (GQ -Jeremy Lin) The folks at Condenast wrote it and asked if we could take down a couple of the images, so we did. -Eric

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Good Luck Knicks

Lin article in GQ that sort of explains a side of the story. Carmelo Anthony keeps digging himself deeper. Also it’s great the author of the article points out, “Apparently, to Melo, Jeremy Lin is not in the fraternity. Or at least, Lin’s place in it is dubious enough that he has not earned the omerta that every other player gets. Anybody wanna try to convince me it has zero to do with Lin being Asian-American?” (GQ - Lin) As many Asian Americans are going to say, “Good luck Knicks”. There’s no championship coming soon. It’s as if the Knicks are going through the motions to try and be a contender, but they’re just not and hate to say, never were, even with Lin....

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