Rock Quietly Sessions: Goh Nakamura and Jane Lui and Helping Janet

Goh Nakamura and Jane Lui played quietly and nicely at GR2. Aside from the great sets by both, GR2 was visited by the folks. You’ve seen her viral video, and Janet Liang needs your help. The exhibition of music went from sounds and a captive audience to getting involved in being involved in trying to help others. The end of the show became a bone marrow drive! Below, Goh Nakamura plays his set among dragons!



Jane Lui plays to a nice crowd of at least 30, who sat on the old shelves that are now benches!


Star citing: Janet Liang, Jane Lui and Tamlyn Tomita

The bone marrow sign up! All it takes is filling out a form and a cotton swab in your cheek. There’s no blood drawn.

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