Chinky Eyes Problem – Two Lines – Starbucks VS Jeremy Lin

The Chinky Eyes are fine sometimes, when done by an Asian or Asian American, but not okay when it happens at Starbucks. It happened in Georgia to two Korean customers as reported in Angryasianman. This becomes part of the “N-Word” issue. Who says it? When is it okay? The N Word – the variety with the “a” at the end has crossed borders and it says behind closed doors with some racist overtones. Perhaps from it being used by Denzel Washington to hip hoppers everywhere. The chinky eyed character. Is it now ok? Is it not? Is it ok if it’s done behind closed doors? Does anyone want to draw this anyway? Or is it only in malice or racism? It’s a topic that’s not up for debate, but in a short amount of time, it’s appeared in two different contexts. One, okay as it appeared in media everywhere and another Starbucks that’s not ok.

It’s all about the intention and it’s important to know that humor might not transcend the lines of perceived racism.