Taiwan Cinema Renaissance on the Way – Seediq Bale

With a name that no one can pronounce? Is it like See Dick Bale? This is a not a joking matter except for when we tell it. This is the largest movie made funded by both John Woo and the Government – yes they’re becoming synonymous these days – at least by the movies he’s making. It’s epic at 24 million dollars and tells the aboriginal tale of a Taiwanese historical figure who fights against… that drum roll… the Japanese! Does he win? Just look up history and you’ll find out.

According to Montreal Gazette – “Taiwanese cinema is in the midst of a renaissance,” says Peggy Chiao, Taiwanese film critic, professor and commercial producer. “It’s a question of national identity. For 20 years, Taiwan has been searching for its own distinctive identity. People want to see films that reflect who they are,” she says.

The article does go on to explain more about Taiwan cinema, and how some of the actors are being favored in China thanks for their better Mandarin command than the Hong Kong actors. Will Seediq Bale provide any kind of cross over across the seas or across borders? Perhaps not, but it’s a start to yet another industry of entertainment aside from the internationally known films of Hou Hsiao Hsien. (Canada.com – Taiwan Movies)