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Turn Taiwanese, Japan!

Funny article that highlights the greatness of being Taiwanese. Yes, it’s true, one of the places that Japan “dealt with” during WWII, was Taiwan, but somehow in less than a century, Taiwan and Japan are somehow friends – at least culturally. Hopefully, that’ll grow. Here is a list of things that Taiwanese do that Japan could and should. (Japantimes – Taiwan!)

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Top 10 Chinese Films?

I’ve seen most of the films on this list, and what strikes me the most is how not one filmmaker can have two films in it. I’d think Zhang Yimou could easily have more than a single film in it, same with Chen Kaige and since it’s dipping into Hong Kong, how about another Wong Kar Wei film? Although they take on another tone, not one John Woo film which revolutionized action films? Drunken Master? Once Upon a Time in China? The list is ambitious in idea, but overall, this should just be a top 20, or don’t bother including Hong Kong and Taiwan. They could easily have their own lists. (whatsonxiamen – Top 10)

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The Golden Child

I don’t know what Eddie Murphy has been up to lately, but he totally should have been on this case and figuring out what the deal was with these babies before they got roasted and covered in gold leaf. This guy is the one who got caught. He’s a British citizen born in Taiwan who is  involved in a cooked magic fetus corpse smuggling ring.  Police got a tip about some bizarro online shopping and they raided his room to find the fetuses packed in his luggage. Reports say the fetuses ranged in age from 2 to 7 months and were purchased for about $6,400 US. Chow was trying to get them into Taiwan where he could flip them for...

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