Drink Panda Poo Tea

It’s not the actual poo. We thought we’d break that to you, but the nutrients from the panda excrement is being used as fertilizer for a special tea that definitely soaks in the goodness from the panda’s diet. It’s said that panda only digest 30% of what they’re eating, so the excrement is actually filled with nutrients.  An Yanshi, below bought 11 tons of feces from the ass of a panda and is growing this specialty tea.

What do panda’s eat? Bamboo! What’s Bamboo associated with? Long Life.

It all comes at a price. $35,000 for 18 ounces and might be a hit with someone in China… it’s higher than the high priced Kopi Luwak which are made from coffee beans passed through the digestive tract of an Asian Civet (cat like animal). (Yahoo – Panda Poo Tea)