Kamen Rider Vs. Super Sentai Celebrates 40 Years


KAMEN RIDER Vs. SUPER SENTAI kicked off a double anniversary celebration of Ishimori Shotaro’s famous characters in downtown Los Angeles last weekend.  Curated by Little Tokyo’s new pop-culture shop addition, Q Pop Shop, and supported by Bandai and Anime Jungle, this official tribute honors 40 years of Kamen Rider and 35 years of Super Sentai.  150 artists offered a unique and eclectic twist on these retro icons that have captivated generations.  Super Sentai would eventually evolve into today’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.  Artists representing Japan included a rare mix such as TOUMA, Devil Robots, Chikuwaemil, Mad Barbarians, and Yucachin’- joined by Luke Chueh, Misha, Martin Hsu, Lillidoll, and a larger-than- life Kamen Rider.  The timing of this exhibit, hosted by JACCC  (Japanese American Cultural Community Center), falls on coinciding celebrations.  In Japan, Bandai is simultaneously developing a new Super Sentai artist-series line.  Their video game “Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross” was released in September this year.  “KAMEN RIDER Vs. SUPER SENTAI: Anniversaries Tribute Exhibition” exhibits at JACCC in downtown Los Angeles, from November 5 – November 13, 2011. (Text and photos by Caro)



Plenty of photos below! KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-1 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-10 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-11 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-12 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-13 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-14 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-15 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-16 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-17 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-18 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-19 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-2 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-20 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-21 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-22 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-23 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-24 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-25 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-26 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-27 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-28 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-29 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-3 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-30 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-31 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-32 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-33 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-34 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-35 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-36 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-37 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-38 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-39 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-4 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-40 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-41 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-42 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-5 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-6 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-7 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-8 KamenRiderVsSuperSentai-9