Bike to Giant Robot!

All this week we’ve been encouraging folks to bike the stores and make use of the brand new bike racks that were installed last weekend. The racks are free and were easily requested through the LA Department of Transportation.   More and more people are biking in Los Angeles, and not just to be part of a party ride, but to make the most of their time in traffic and explore their neighborhood (and new ones!) in a way that’s much more conducive to seeing what’s actually going on where you live. The Giant Robot stores on Sawtelle have lots of neighborhood regulars, so the bike racks have been getting lots of use!

Mal is a neighbor who stopped in today and picked up some cool buttons from Future Colors of America (Aiyana Udesen, Matt Furie & Albert Reyes) and also tried his luck with the Busy Beaver Button Machine. Mal has rad sunglasses, a nice bike, and good taste in buttons! Come by today and tomorrow for the final days of our Ride Your Bike sale and get 25% off your purchase at Giant Robot or GR2. Be like Mal!