Frank Gehry Looks Towards Asia

Frank Gehry is looking towards Asia for projects as the US Economy slows. Asia? More like China and India.

His quotes aren’t so settling. “One challenge of designing in a country such as China is the lower pay for projects, Gehry said in the interview this week. Architects get paid a percentage of construction costs, which in China are about a third of what they are in the U.S., he said.

Further, it says he’s going to open an office in China to work with the locals. Of course you should work with the locals!

““I have over 100 people in my office,” said Gehry, who formed the partnership in 2001. “At my age, I would love only to work in Los Angeles, maybe Santa Monica, maybe Beverly Hills.””

Then spend some of your millions and millions and keep working in the places you want. (Business Week  -Gehry)