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Water, water, everywhere…

There’s not much new you can say about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge™ but the viral fad continues. People are still producing amusing videos, celebrities are still doing it, money and awareness are being raised, and all across the globe,  Ice Bucket Challenge facebook pages are popping up to collect videos of “fans” of the challenge and to pass it on. There are pages for Brazil, Thailand, Mongolia, Albania, the Phillippines, Cambodia, and India, just to name a few places far from the experiences of the average American ice bucket dumper. Many of these are countries that rely on foreign aid to sustain their national healthcare programs and where embarrassingly large numbers of their population live without access to clean...

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Yoko Ono Graffiti Art in India

Yoko Ono art. “The conceptual artist, who is putting up her maiden exhibition in India, says her work is an extension of her “karmic love affair” with late Beatles icon John Lennon.” There’s not a lot of images of her art, so it’s all suspect and Ono as a fine 2d artist? Verdict is still out. (Times of India – Yoko Ono)  

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The Real Slumdog Millionaire

Sushil Kumar is the real Slumdog Millionaire. It’s strange how after the film which did well everywhere except in India made the world sort of hope for some truth to the story. The rags to riches story by way of cheesy game show and life story intersecting with a happy ending. The 27 year old actually did it, and although he might not be as picturesque and have a girlfriend like Frieda Pinto, he’s got the cash. (latimes – Sushil)

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