Hawaii Hiff Day 3: Award Winner Patang, Hawaii 5-0 Visit, Goh Nakamura Show

A few photos that illustrate the day of a visitor like myself in Hawaii. That’s Goh Nakamura below. He played an awkward set at a bar that was louder than he was, but then he figured out the amplification and made it work. Anytime walls are red, you get interesting shots. This took place at a bar called Ichiriki.



Yes an SLR can catch moments like this. I like the light from the phone. It was quite dark, but it still showed up.



Prashant Bhargava collects the Tiffany made award for Patang. We picked Patang as the winner. It’s a film about generational differences during a Kite Festival. It’s more than that and it’s special. More on the film, later. Bhargava turned out to be an interesting individual. From Computer Science major to making a film. He also started the arts by doing graffiti.



Governor’s Mansion. The awards ceremony took place here.



Beach Bum Coffee. It’s in downtown, and they offer varieties from the islands and it’s the first and maybe only microbrew coffee on the island. They also do siphon.



Set visit Hawaii 5-0 with Daniel Dae Kim. More on this later.



Jasper Wong at Fresh Cafe’s gallery space. It’s newer and up and coming. Hopefully an art market can exist in Hawaii. It’ll be tough.



Diamond Head Market. That’s the ahi tuna steak plate.



This wasn’t exactly Day 3 but this is what the Steve Jobs tribute Apple Store looks like in Hawaii. It was cleaned up the next day.