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Joystick Joy! Urinal Games Available In the UK

The only reason I’d go to the Exhibit bar would be to drink as much as I can, so I could play the urinal game. Beer, tons of it shall fill my bladder to the point of me seeing yellow. I’ll hold it in, so my slalom run will be the longest ever. I’ll smash all of the penguins easily. It may cost a few British pounds, but it’ll be worth it. I won’t joke about a joystick or a knob, that’s too easy, you do get to pee in directions to control your skiing run. Go left or right, the stream will guide your character. Yes, urinals splash, I know this, but for the joy of playing a game,...

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Hawaii Hiff Day 3: Award Winner Patang, Hawaii 5-0 Visit, Goh Nakamura Show

A few photos that illustrate the day of a visitor like myself in Hawaii. That’s Goh Nakamura below. He played an awkward set at a bar that was louder than he was, but then he figured out the amplification and made it work. Anytime walls are red, you get interesting shots. This took place at a bar called Ichiriki.     Yes an SLR can catch moments like this. I like the light from the phone. It was quite dark, but it still showed up.  

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