Hawaii HIFF Day 2 : Ramen, Shave Ice, and Deliberation

There are things to do in Hawaii aside from the early morning beach visits. It’s food. Ramen Nakamura, or NakamuRamen or as a friend pointed out, RameNakamura and Waiola Shave Ice with Tamlyn Tomita.



That’s Oxtail Ramen below. It’s coma inducing. Proceed at your own risk. It costs $13, a bit much, but that’s Waikiki for you. Yes those are dried garlic pieces.



First timers are Waiola. These Newbs had no idea what they were getting themselves into.



The CEO Photo. We were own but were pwned by Ramen Nakamura.




The last deliberation. That’s Nathaniel Kohn wrapping things up with Anderson Le, who looks like Ai Weiwei. The announcement for the best film is tonight. That was two deliberation sessions. Who does this? We did. It’s serious when you’re messing with someone livelihood.