Giant Robot 2 Robots Artist: Buff Monster

We’ve known Buff Monster for years and have happily witnessed his rise of local street art wheat paster to now an internationally known artist. We proudly hosted his art show The Monster Within in 2010, and you can see the photos here.

Just on friday, he released his Cat Plush that you see below. The eyes are pink which is his trademark color. You can easily see this edition of 200 pieces on his own website.

We have our own plush by Buff Monster also at the $18 rate that was made in edition of 200. You can see it below and get it here among a few other Buff Monster goods.

The video below is from Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Factory in Brooklyn. There’s a few customs still available.

Buff Monster and Jeremyville from Tara McPherson on Vimeo.