Toys? Figures? Karakuri is the Real Next Level

I’ve heard the perils and desperation of making a figure. Artists want to make them, business kids want to profit by making them. The crazy fans who want them at any cost. Lie, bring your maid to buy you an extra, hire someone to act like a customer, or mule it. How about a back story? Yes, make one up and get that “street lineage”. You worked with who? You know who? The sculptor is who? The factory will remain a secret. Your cost per item will also remain a secret! It’s a toy. But the next level and maybe this is the furthest level. Karakuri. Watch the video below by Al Jazeera. The craftmanship of these automata are amazing, and the things they do require physics, engineering, and more. These are beyond figures and toys. Prepare to have your mind blown.