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Mechanized Robot Kuratas

[youtube]2iZ0WuNvHr8[/youtube]   It’s a game, no it’s a robot! It’s only 1.35 million dollars. It’s Kuratas by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The weapons are all in fun, except the gun does contain BBs. The aim has facial recognition, so it tracks humans. If you (the shooter) smiles, the gun starts firing! Want?!   videolink (it’s different than the Youtube video)  

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Rakugo Robot

Rakugo Robot. Rakugo has to be an art form that’s slowing down. It’s a story telling, theatrical art form. The master, on the right in the photo is now immortalized in a way in the form of a robot. It’s mouth can move better, but it does capture some human movements. Most of us will never know who Beicho Katsura III is, but he’s now a robot! [youtube]jFyptP1E7B4[/youtube]

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