In Korea “Narcs” with Cameras Help Law Enforcement

Imagine, you throw the napkin off of your ice cream cone and it flies away in the wind. You figure, “it’s ok, not that big of a deal, it’s just litter.” But Mr Kim is watching you through his viewfinder and taped the entire thing. He’s spying on you and with that evidence, he might make a few dollars and you’ll be busted. It’s amazing that in Korea, one can make money by filming people who are committing law breaking actions. Some might be a larger scale project, such as a business ripping people off, and that might take a hidden camera. It’s not easy to make a living just taping in Korea, but it’s possible. It’s also hard to believe that citizens who do investigative type of work can actually earn money. It makes sense, but it does put people in danger. (NY Times – Koreans Taping)