Banksy Goes Back to the Future and Does Anti Japanese American Graffiti

Graf-prankster, Bansky. He kickstarted the Flux Capacitor, jumped in the Delorean with Marty and Doc and went back to the Pasadena, March 1945. He then busted out the stencils and paint and made a political statement that’s racist but thought provoking. Poor folks, they didn’t keep the piece, which is now worth multi millions of dollars.

The Paulings family were residents in Altadena, CA and merely hired a recently released Japanese American internee (concentration camp), to be a gardener. They were against Executive Order 9066, which basically put JA’s behind barbed wire and were outspoken about it. They made efforts to bring the graffiti perpetrators to justice but had no such support from the police or FBI. Their gardener, George H. Minaki was thought to have gone to war as part of the 442 Battalion, but no one is sure.

It is said that the graffiti artists were involved in a high speed chase fleeing the scene, but got away in their silver sedan when lightning struck the local clock tower at precisely 10:04pm. (Patch - Paulings)