Zhang Yimou and Christian Bale in Flowers of War

Yet another vehicle for an American star to do something with China and score. The stakes get higher. Now it’s the venerable Zhang Yimou with Christian Bale. Will it work? How about a Ryan Gosling and Chen Kaige epic about ping pong? Perhaps a Glee meets China Glee? This story called “Flowers of War” is tragic and surely will be one for the generations. Rape of Nanking, Japanese soldiers, rape, school girls, hookers, and white of yellow love, make for a story that’ll keeps me from being Japanese American in China. Yes, when in Beijing, China, I’m Eric Chang, a 5th generation ABC. I know nothing except Chow Fun noodles are good. If I’m Eric Chang my food will show up without spit in it. (LA Times – China US)