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5 Chinese Books in Translation

With the Nobel Prize in Literature going to someone other than a Giant Robot staff writer, we’re now trying to jump on the band wagon and support the actual winner, Mo Yan of China. Yet where does one start? There’s plenty of books and although cinema has always been a strong point of culture in China, it’s literature is lesser known. Some of the great writers novels have become movies. We just don’t know about them. Red Sorghum, the epic film by Zhang Yimou starring Gong Li, yes, Mo Yan wrote that one. The WSJ offers a great place to start with a list of 5 novels. (WSJ – China Novels)

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Top 10 Chinese Films?

I’ve seen most of the films on this list, and what strikes me the most is how not one filmmaker can have two films in it. I’d think Zhang Yimou could easily have more than a single film in it, same with Chen Kaige and since it’s dipping into Hong Kong, how about another Wong Kar Wei film? Although they take on another tone, not one John Woo film which revolutionized action films? Drunken Master? Once Upon a Time in China? The list is ambitious in idea, but overall, this should just be a top 20, or don’t bother including Hong Kong and Taiwan. They could easily have their own lists. (whatsonxiamen – Top 10)

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Zhang Yimou and Christian Bale in Flowers of War

Yet another vehicle for an American star to do something with China and score. The stakes get higher. Now it’s the venerable Zhang Yimou with Christian Bale. Will it work? How about a Ryan Gosling and Chen Kaige epic about ping pong? Perhaps a Glee meets China Glee? This story called “Flowers of War” is tragic and surely will be one for the generations. Rape of Nanking, Japanese soldiers, rape, school girls, hookers, and white of yellow love, make for a story that’ll keeps me from being Japanese American in China. Yes, when in Beijing, China, I’m Eric Chang, a 5th generation ABC. I know nothing except Chow Fun noodles are good. If I’m Eric Chang my food will show...

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