Japanese Dating 101: What Not to Call Your Girlfriend

There’s a long list of things that you should never call your lover. A slut is one. A racialized equivalent is another.

For people that don’t know, a Yellow Cab is a stereotype ascribed to Asian or Japanese women by Western (White) men. It suggests that they’re sexually available and actively seek foreigners out of dissatisfaction with their local men. The direct meaning of the term implies that they can be “ridden anytime” and for a price just like a cab. Common sense dictates that it would be a very bad and very stupid idea for a boyfriend to call their ethnically sensitive girlfriend that. Mark, up there, didn’t read the memo.

The moral of the story? Don’t date a girl because you’re desperately lonely and believe a certain stereotype. In turn, it’s an equally dumb idea for a girl to date someone of a particular nationality because they ascribe a lower degree of chauvinism and misogyny to their boyfriend’s birth place. And lastly, don’t publish your drama for the entire world to read. Facebook is growing lame enough as it is.