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Otomo Katsuhiro’s Genga Art Exhibit

While production for the fan maligned live-action Akira adaptation may have screeched to a halt as of January 5, 2012, Otomo Katsuhiro–the original creator for the manga and anime–is ever busy with an upcoming art exhibit at the 3331 Chiyoda Arts Centre in Tokyo, Japan, showcased between April 9th to March 30th, 2012. The Genga Exhibition, as it is called, already has a catalogue available for pre-order on So far, unpublished art for Kaba 2 will be showcased alongside pieces from his other work. In addition to that, a special discussion will occur live on UStream between Katsuhiro-san, Blood: The Last Vampire‘s Katsuya Terada, and Perfect Blue‘s Hisashi Higuchi on April 9th, 8 p.m. Japan local time. Guests are required...

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David Choe and Facebook Riches

I heard of this a few times ages ago. Facebook stock. Well, as many of you know, it went public yesterday and the stock that David Choe was once given might be worth 200 million according to this article. It’s become public. In the land of tall tales, this is something crazy. You tend not to believe some of the statements that people make or you imagine something is wrong with it, but lo and behold, years later it comes to fruition. Since I personally know David, I heard of his Facebook stock, but the value of 1 million which he thought it was worth just a few years ago is now 200 million. Congrats on choosing the stock over...

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