James Jean LACMA Rebus



James Jean at LACMA. The 4pm event began with a artist talk. The below photo is a moment right before the event began. That’s James surmising the audience which actually surpassed the room size and spilled outside. Luckily there was a speaker outside so the folks could hear things clearly. We talked a little about sketchbooks which is something he was supposed to do, but then got into a jokey moment about the James Jean clones who got James into a little bit of trouble at school. Then the art. It’s something that he’s definitely deep into, and REBUS, the book has those images – they’re even quite recent. There’s also a new OVM scarf. It’s quite nice. The talk turned into a Q and A, and lasted for about 40 minutes, then the event turned into a signing with wine and cheese. Do check it out if you’re at LACMA.


More images below

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