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Rakugaki Reception at GR2 March 9, 2019

Amazing night at GR2 and tons of folks checked out over 550 drawings by 85 artists. It's hard to explain how it felt, but there is a video that shows a sea of folks cruising in and out that didn't seem to end. The works vary from true sketchbook cut-outs to serious drawings. Part of the thought process behind the exhibition is to let artists decide what is their Rakugaki, which means doodle, sketch, and or drawing.  See Rakugaki at GR2 See the photo set on flickr! Below: Lauren Tsai Below: Audrey Kawasaki and Felix Galvan

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James Jean Signed Ninja Turtles Set and Signed Print

Ninja Turtles Statues by James Jean seem a bit out of his wheel well at this juncture of his career, yet here they are. I pried just a bit about why he'd participate and I got a very James Jean answer: "I was a teenage outcast, a mutant condemned to wallow in the sewers of a NJ high school. The turtles were my companions, my saviors from a solitary life." We have multiple sets of these James Jean art inspired Ninja Turtles statues. When you purchase all four you can enter a coupon code online for a print. I wonder how many actually do this and how many have forgotten about it.  We decided to cut the mailing crap for...

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