NewsBot Special: “Cleaning decontamination I was feeling pretty good”—A Fukushima Diary

It is easy to admit that we’re about to exploit about a month of diary entries from a brave man’s life in order to get you to read this piece, and the other things we publish here on Giant Robot. Because, well, it’s partly true. But the majority of the truth about what we are presenting to you is that it gives detailed (one might even call some of it dry and mundane) insight into the thoughts and processes one Japanese man experienced before, during and after participating in the cleanup of radioactive debris at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan.

He isn’t one of the Fukushima 50. The diary entries he made available online start on May 26th and end on July 3rd, 2011, well after the day of March 15th when the 50 stayed behind to control the damage and fire at Fukushima Unit 4. No, the man who wrote these diary entries is (if he still has his job) a robot operator, of a robotic system called “Warrior”. From the diary entries it is apparent that he was assigned to Fukushima to prepare and operate specialized remote-controlled robotic equipment for the purpose of assessing damage and clearing debris within Fukushima Unit 3. 

We’re presenting only about half of the robot operator’s diaries here, the entries which cover June 11th through July 3rd, 2011. These entries detail the operator’s thoughts during the days right before preparing for and performing the dangerous task assigned to him in the debris and radiation of Fukushima Unit 3. Some of his thoughts are humorous, but most are very business-like and even grave. We have pulled some of the more interesting, insightful and inspiring quotes from the diary entries and printed them below. 

Please be aware that we only heard about the robot operator’s diary in the early evening on August 23rd. As such, even though we are presenting the June 11th through July 3rd entries in their entirety, they have been translated very quickly using, shall we say, a very convenient web-based translation tool, and this writer’s very limited knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and syntax.

UPDATE: The original Japanese diary entries for June 11th through July 3rd, as well as for April 24th through June 24th, had been available on the web, but have apparently all been removed as of August 30th, 2011.

We hope you take the time to look through the entire text, with images, of the robot operator’s diaries as we are presenting them. It is perhaps the most intimate and detailed look to date into the aftermath of Japan’s March 11th disaster.  —Dan Ryan

Quotes from the “Memoirs of a Robot Operator at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station”:

“Normally, we are building a pilot training company, so even very low doses are at the forefront, and where maintenance or whatever.” 

“…just because it shields the car, not to stop at a location not suitable for high dose. I stop looking for a place still possible low dose.”

“…work is planned to enclose the high doses of the relevant portion of the instrumentation rack near the reactor building floor.”

“Tomorrow is the decontamination of the Unit 3 reactor building Warrior will be done….Today, we prepare to prepare for tomorrow. Unit 3 has a high dose around most places also have to cope really….Tomorrow will also have the role of navigator in the Unit 3 reactor building. Well I’m not quote-unquote tinker.”

“…in the grounds there are many irregularities, many road steep in some spots to the top of the iron not only wide wheels I go across this bridge in the state. We use the nerve.”

“If you are with air conditioning is fairly comfortable! Without air conditioning, iron in this box will die… Bottled water is the person who received the condensation water dripping from air conditioners.”

“Cleaning decontamination I was feeling pretty good.”

“We also lack the number of vehicles; we ask also takes full advantage by subcontractors. Tomorrow is hurriedly working on holidays.”

“Doing this, one worker, his job is to protect the country at the expense of the family.”

“I say bullshit to the press and there is no untrue. Convey information to the public and I (am) right!”

Memoirs of a robot operator at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Warrior Guide”—June 11th to July 3rd, 2011

 Warrior (Warrior)

Created on: 2011/06/16 20:15

Today, the United States iRobot Corp. The Warrior (Warrior) was a trained pilot. Basic maneuvers and today was the way of maintenance. I can overcome doing rubble. Weight is 250kg Yes, I’ve been using PacBot is 6-7 times bigger than that. Own suspension is possible. In other words, vertical, 250kg lifting capacity is not there at least. The capacity of the normal, 100kg of is likely to afford it. From the moment I take. People (human body in general) can also be traveling aboard. Weight in minutes, overcoming a step (overcoming the rubble), etc. are difficult to balance. Value but it is not overturn. The basic maneuvers are the same way, the same PC and use a controller for games. It has slightly different features, the buttons are slightly different, was not to be confused.

Height Max will be in 3m. Speed ​​Max30km/h in I get. Speed ​​PacBot faster. Stair function is, PacBot covered something I strongly than the hulking big minutes, whether to hear the maneuverability on landing. Tomorrow, we will try to validate that point. Since I work a busy bus driver, unfortunately can not participate in the verification. Battery PacBot is identical. Same battery and also robot battery for PC (one piece/12V). The PC is one use. PacBot have had four pieces, Warrior will use six. PacBot but each one was 1, Warrior is one six pack.

I also took video, bad communication speed of processing Nanse sleeping, YouTube can not be up to. 3-4 minute videos as well, so momentum will take all night, now, looking for high-speed communication is possible aria at the break, the public LAN from UL I will try. For now, only the pictures will be posted today.






Warrior stair training

Created on: 2011/06/20 18:39

Our office (now abandoned state) to the stairs, elevators were trained. So big, PacBot were trained in climbing stairs, the stairs outside will not. What is it, the site (the building) can not use the stairs. Moreover PacBot and how to differ slightly, so also different center of gravity, like climbing stairs is not the same. The sure to be done cleverly varying the center of gravity, it can not control the inverter so fine movement is very hard to use. It mediates the weight, very scary. The first was a strange dripping with sweat because the grip is different on either side of the crawler, PacBot much like stairs and stop on the way. Slipped out and fell to the bonus is already out of control. Even with advance work hung up, you slipped causing a Dutch roll. Faded, had a hole in the plasterboard walls in a crawler (me!) President! Gomennasai!

 Also hole here, I opened the Mai informal Noh play. Have been pre-programmed pause mode where up stair, the last flipper (crawler front) without a bang and say, lack the depth of the landing, the gripper (nail) and gypsum board 刺 (thorn) Sarimashi is sunk other.

 Well, assuming that any kind if they are using the abandoned house and our office has imposed. Gypsum board anyway by the earthquake (wall) to have broken even, if you use any of the Insect is required. Warrior is not I’ll not be intended for use indoors?

 Busy week

Created on: 2011/06/27 18:51

The robot is more busy week. No. 3 nitrogen (N2) to encapsulate, Kosae a large dust collector, a hose nozzle that Warrior is now to sweep. The hose and nozzle that is installed in or how good, this morning, I have four other people in my mockups. Was in our warehouse and spiral hoses, flexible hose through the wire (flexible) to resemble a hose and nozzle, but I tried to research Dakou Oh. Normally, we are building a pilot training company, so even very low doses are at the forefront, and where maintenance or whatever. Eventually, all the gripper shut by Western Health, found that a good lashing of the nozzle firmly in the dust collector Line.

Also try running the actual test, no problem. Tomorrow, a set of stock so that the dust collector attached to life tomorrow, and then mock-up. Also dust collector, cyclone separator 3 bed (detachable drums), a cyclone separator finer bed (detachable drums), creating a suction fan connected in series. Drums in the high dose so, I will try to scheme can be easily replaced. Hose nozzles were used, easily removed by cutting once off Batsubatsu Line Up Lines. Be devised such dose reduction is the wisdom of co-resident company. This dust collector can make tomorrow (assembly) to. Dust collector is also that we’ve made ​​at work to devise various and ever (as a work tool or fixture), we would ask for a Motteokoi. The suction fan power 100V or a 200V and not know what to use to maneuver the robot.

Fifteen ton vehicles are equipped with generators shield, single-phase 100V three-phase at 200V single phase at200V air but also because is no problem. This 15-ton vehicles shielding (据E付) Kemasu the best position to drive me. You need to consider the reach of Ethernet and radio, just because it shields the car, not to stop at a location not suitable for high dose. I stop looking for a place still possible low dose. The fact is they overload condition, the vehicle width depends 1m Hami out more because, to use the air operation. The steep path is often the forefront. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday remodeling in mock-up production, sweep on Friday, Saturday PacBot is a measure of results in dose.

Cleaning robot

Created on: 2011/06/28 21:51

Overtime and was sent out today. We (our office) is scheduled for half past seven a.m. until four-ten p.m. I need to start work sooner and attendance, and work style of antiquity as short, work from dawn to finish the job along with the sunset. 
Such is life, until Saturday. Well in the bachelor himself, is not related to going fast. This week’s mission. Pressure vessel of Unit 3 (in the dry well) to nitrogen gas (N2), but work is planned to enclose the high doses of the relevant portion of the instrumentation rack near the reactor building floor. In previous missions, has been found that the remaining debris and fine dust, and dust collecting them for mission work.

Today from another office, who came to cheer for one of our robot team. I support only a month, helpful. So this mission is divided into two teams to work hits a colleague and I. One person who has entered the cheering colleagues, a few workers in the two companies and two subcontractors, made ​​the assembly of the dust collector. The group I was with four other operators, operator 3 is with the name of another made ​​a modification of the robot. The iRobot ‘s robot. It is famous Roomba! Automated disk-shaped vacuum cleaner robot. Well you can with it from the dust in the home is about, is not So. Power of Warrior pulling the hose with the nozzle, do the cleaning. In other companies who use PacBot use to manipulate. PacBot pulled the ethernet, so Warrior addition to boosting the radio, Warrior capture an objective movement.


In my proposal, as a mock-up yesterday, Warrior and fixed the nozzle to the arm. So after using high doses and hose nozzles should be removed easily. This will not damage the cloth wrapped around the arm and health. To prevent slippage and to roll the rubber sheet nozzle, Line (4) firmly in tightening was lashing. Ground will be turning the nozzle essentially does not even have to swing in a state where the nozzle is grounded, there is no problem somewhat.


Hand side (Warrior side) is 2B (2 inches), the dust collector is 3B (3 inches). Even with the power of humans, alone can not. Consuming too much resistance is heavy.

 This is a cyclone separator. The principle of the cyclone, is a heavy buildup of drums fell down mechanism. How such a professional cleaning, I have recently been introduced such as home improvement. Mock-up drums today because there is only two cans, in fact, can use 5. Moreover, the drums are so points can be easily replaced and, in fact, leave the hook roll packed in pallets. When removing one-touch dust collector drum is full, we carry a forklift. The car actually rolled hooks are used.

 And dust collectors, dust collectors are a dedicated generator. Since the dust collector, especially when you start to eat a large power generator in the car originally thought shield (already 200V in use) is not large enough to understand it in, and decided to set its own diesel generator. Once you have built together UNIC, even under high-dose field can be recovered and went with the Homosassa (?) Device is also required to reduce such exposure.

Intensive and unexpected, so today 蒸Shi暑Katta yet significantly (止Mimashita rain in the afternoon), drove a generator to open the engine hood.

 Conventional machines PacBot also been modified to Ethernet specifications. Warrior is also equipped with booster for radio.

 Warrior and PackBot collaboration. In fact we have run in such pair. The difference in the size of the robot, I can tell just by looking.


Try pulling the hose to try. We have not yet grounded nozzle. Suction can actually do will be grounded is to test the next step.

 Looking to pull the hose in fact, the weight and its resistance, Warrior of the 2B hoses, sister off growth, so as not with the chains and shackles, 2B reinforced hose. That 3B hose of the Warrior decided to do it directly in tow. Just, 2B/3B Reducer (concentric), so that with, because it is strong, the chain reducer. This idea is the brainchild of me. The wire is really good, so far there is no long wire, I decided to do was to drive to the warehouse chain by chance. Takumi has batch pile driving and I tried to test dust collecting sediment actually wrapped, you are better able to clean the gravel parking lot used for something (relatively large gravel) also draw in more and more directly below. I look small nozzle, and surprisingly large gravel to inhale! No problem. But Warrior is a problem! Partial failure of the gripper camera now. I made ​​this. From South Korea. It’s very young. Mock-up tomorrow and cleaning operations, is scheduled to replace the battery. In fact tomorrow, and I have time off in lieu is so young should not have to instruct operations. In fact you can rest, and attendance. Only in June, is in lieu of 繰Ri越Senai the following month. 来Tasou visit my room is the Director of bother. I am still not back on overtime, from the back room of the director in the room (same room a few special Korean food) visited. Today’s cleaning robot hear the situation is like. Good news (good news) and can report, is good.

Shielding car

Created on: 2011/06/30 21:50

Tomorrow is the decontamination of the Unit 3 reactor building Warrior will be done. PacBot is a boost and radio waves, Warrior is useful to monitor the overall movement. Today, we prepare to prepare for tomorrow. Unit 3 has a high dose around most places also have to cope really, it will pass by a dash, taking care to step in unison. My main job, 15-ton flat in a converted three-axis truck body, shielding and grounding the car moves, the operation is the main job. Tomorrow will also have the role of navigator in the Unit 3 reactor building. Well I’m not quote-unquote tinker.


To prevent scattering of dust containing radioactive material has been sprayed with fire trucks and other premises throughout the resin. Moro shielding it suffered in a car. Body, of course, the resin is also mirrored in Gitogito windshield. Since the resin, the same as the paint does not fall in the washing of. No hard to see! Nantes mirror, I barely visible! With such, a slight overload as high as 5m in height, while the protrusion step is also beside the road in the grounds there are many irregularities, many road steep in some spots to the top of the iron not only wide wheels I go across this bridge in the state. We use the nerve.


Shield attached to the top of the warehouse to check around ITV cameras and a suite for handling heavy antenna. During the move, and tree branches to prevent contact with the billboards and other signs traffic lights dangling wires, and run at the highest paying attention to slow down.

Gross vehicle weight (vehicle weight + load weight) is, 27-ton be ranked.

14,600 kg and there in the world of cars, beyond, under way to better represent it. In other words 14-ton beyond 15-ton less than the so-called 15-ton is a car. Two-ton car 3-ton like a car, midsize and smaller cargo freight usually is the maximum load 2,000 kg to view the 2-ton car but I can say is often. This difference is the relationship between the total weight comes from the vehicle. Also show the amount of engine exhaust, nominally 2,000 cc to say that, in fact, 1,995 cc and the like, 2,000 cc is below. That same idea.

The fuel tank, 200L (maybe …) and the two main and sub, and the total 400L (maybe …) is. The past was in the driver’s seat manually switch the main and sub, now is to switch automatically. Why 400L or not to say one × 1, I think probably because the relationship between the Fire Service Act. And even if a damaged fuel tank leaks temporarily, may benefit of all leaks at once. And great thing, 400L may have gained about four truck tank. The minutes, reducing the maximum loading capacity, increasing the fuel tank is the pros and cons but … Well. Fuel way, FROM 2 to 3 km/L is.

The warehouse pallets and shield, then this ladder with a lift.  Ideas that have been made ​​so hooked on the carriage. 
In fact I have a shield in front of the reservoir entrance door, install a ladder near the front of the carriage. When shooting, the water cannons at the next index of the Tokyo Fire Department, inspection and maintenance so that people had a different company (for spraying resin), located behind the carriage was so disturbing.

The car is not running in this state.

This is a diesel generator to supply power to the shield inside the chamber. The fuel truck is different and will refuel the generator itself, of course. Single-phase 200V three-phase–200V · Single phase 100V can be supplied, since it also includes compressors, air tools can also provide air services. Others, Tig–arc MAG welding can be used as.



If you are with air conditioning is fairly comfortable! Without air conditioning, iron in this box will die. Are also equipped with exhaust systems as well. I’ll not to come to suffocation. There is an exhaust fan to the side and pulled the air supply is a natural structure. As is so radioactive materials come in, HEPA (HEPA) filter higher than the performance, packet filters are used to. That said, in a warehouse to remove the shield can not be fully equipped, can not smoke drink. Bottled water is the person who received the condensation water dripping from air conditioners.


Light shielding in the chamber, 100V × 2 fluorescent lights are present. One of them is in permanent storage equation, the electric or dies from ten thousand, even if power is lost, lit a few seconds.  Meanwhile, the lights take a handy battery-powered lights. Also handy rechargeable battery lights, battery type is the same as that used in the drill driver and other charges.

Tachograph (recorder operation) is a digital type. Tachometer (engine speed meter) is different from it! There was only conventional analog recording speed and travel time in a pie, this is the engine speed, so stepping on the brakes, and stuff like that shift position are also recorded. However, the key of the tachograph was plug in the driver’s seat.


 In the center of the instrument, multi-information, status and seat belt mounting, and other posts to display various information of the vehicle. This is a Hino vehicles are fitted to Mitsubishi vehicles. If you look closely, I have put carelessly attached to the tip of the nozzle for the fire brigades. Incidentally, parking brake, the brake was spring. Released into the air in the cylinder and opens the brake. In the concept of fail-safe, spring force closes the brakes if air is lost. That is, the parking brake (which pull the side) in the state if they are taking a spring parking brake force air out of the cylinder. If the spring brakes, there is no change coming in the braking condition of the brake lever pullhad been swept over the parking brake is more loosely it reduces accidents. However, when the parking brakes and a loud Pushaan. As you probably heard, etc. waiting for the light. Other spring brakes, pull the ring so when you release type, but with spring brakes, trucks have adopted such a conventional lever type (including buses) was the first time. Brake assist, it was equipped with an electromagnetic eddy current brake + exhaust retarder. The switch is only one step, and release the gas pedal while the clutch connected into the main switch was not working for both + perfunctory exhaust retarder. Personally, I feel like Hino vehicles relatively easy to drive. Hino Shi had also taken the car license. But recently, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus cars, I feel is fairly easy to drive. The same 15-ton by car, I guess I prefer the four axes. Shi ride will feel good. But in general the previous two axes have the vehicle, shut off the handle Toka thought the previous two axis, so you need to think about the trajectory of the previous one axis and the difficult but it is said, I I feel like Which Which also. A taste of driving, I prefer the four axes.


Created on: 2011/06/30 22:07

Cleaning Robot—Tomorrow is finally the production (solid line) is. Try a variety of mock-up will be a bit difficult. Are huge hulking, maneuverability is ineffective. I say, PacBot force in pulling the hose without. I found various and try it is better to say What a cylindrical shape, such as industrial dust collector. Moreover, and not so different to a human vacuum cleaner over the image of style used by humans in the image of the so-called vacuum cleaner nozzle is difficult. Appeared in the Star Wars movie coming, self-propelled robot like R2 cylindrical robot (can be rotated 360 °) the best is. The dust is sucked Sucking at the bottom of the robot, the system will be sucked into the cyclone separator will be a dust collector hose extending from the crown best is I! 

I‘ll Have to clean

Created on: 2011/07/01 21:33  

The new robots, I was cleaning out the news and the system’s. Well things are not so audacious in if you’ve ever make the news, I should have more properly modified. I only have three days to conduct any mission from theMissionissued, the way I have. Given the exposure during cleanup, Simple is the best ! Is the best. The shade is the effort and have a painful wisdom and ingenuity of our operators! Even if we can learn how your school, if there is no sense that there is no wisdom, today’s world, and this work. So most mornings at the forefront of the field of Warrior in order to start, you insert the battery. That!? Warrior on the LCD screen, can not boot the system voltage is low. I have a warning saying that. Voltage 23V is. 50V is a full tank on. Yesterday’s put a full tank, just to be sure, I’m—I’ve removed the battery terminals. The lucky thing (?)

This morning, I’ve piled up in the car the battery is fully charged. Transported by running the battery fully charged, along with junior immediately replaced. I must remove the hose when the tow chains, lashing chains will need to again. I’ve done in a hurry, but be a little later failed. Warrior while back, so leave someone out of the crawler chains are tied lightly with the hose Line. So too is tied tight, I collapsed in the middle of the hose (it took the tension of the chain there). Once Warrior back in the building of a rush again. Now I will cut off communication immediately became even detect even go niche. After replacing the ethernet cable now, worked. Cleaning decontamination I was feeling pretty good. In the mock-up, “Oh try” “try this” “Let’s root kind” and I decided that, after all has indeed want the Yarra as a young ad hoc on-site operator. But I also have instructions from the power company employees. I came to seek advice young employees operators and power companies could not answer it feels. 

In the afternoon, Warrior had to worry about work while on battery power. Last 20% finished with. 100% at 50V is. This level is non-restartable. Quit work and communicate again in the middle of the feedback has expired. I moved up to shield the profession brought big cars. Turn off the ethernet, difficulties in shielding from the car radio control forces directly. Warrior of the movement, was originally planned with a power lift trucks. Originally a power company who will be prepared, too late by mistake. Arrangements in vehicles not used for our subcontractors. After all, our subcontractors 4-ton Rimashita by UNIC. I lifted on a pallet under UNIC forcing, withdrawal when communication is interrupted again, eventually lifted by the pallet. Semashita takes 5 people (250kg). The news had come out the way, carrying the dust collector and generator 4ton UNIC is a truck borrowed from our subcontractors. We also lack the number of vehicles, we ask also takes full advantage by Mr. subcontractors. Tomorrow is hurriedly working on holidays. As a result of today, PacBot and dosimetry in two. This falls perfectly in doses Well I do not think. Contamination and dose of radiation source that is and, because of complex factors.

But what little I had not I better environment. Shielding car fuel generators (diesel) he is running out. LED Indicator is, Empty is displayed. Today was the last minute. Refueling outpost far, I went to the car and run Nosshinosshi shielding Links niece filled, even to open the tilt of the cargo, refueling aircraft did not reach the nozzle. Tomorrow morning at—a line can carry at most Etchiraotchira refueling. Can meet tomorrow’s missions. Incidentally, domestic robots. Tomorrow, had planned to try again with the power company employees, and abnormalities of the communication cable, stopped working in Toka arm is canceled. The overtime and sent out tomorrow. Correll also go back to sleep Office, which will in time. The temporary home and then return. The swing about a month, she sees the faces of children ♂ ♀. ~ No, but I will anyway sleeping face. Doing this, one worker, his job is to protect the country at the expense of the family.

Cleaning (decontamination) Results

Created on: 2011/07/03 00:31

Today’s PacBot with two yesterday Warrior in cleaning (decontamination), the work has been conducted to measure the dose of the first floor of Unit 3 reactor building. As a result, fell by about 10% to an average dose. I only see a high number of measurements and simply feel the effect was also seen as different and unexpected vice versa. Up 80mSv/h where there also are down. Some news organizations already in the press ahead of ourselves…but then the news agencies will have the first one and aims to tell information. So saying, but I say bullshit to the press and there is no untrue. Convey information to the public and I (am) right! As I wrote in a recent article regarding the dose or contamination, since complex factors involved, this cleaning (decontamination) not in dose does not fall dramatically. However, on average 10% (Max 80Msv/h) has been down, I think there was a certain effect. Tired today. Hot today, and overtime was raised. Really PacBot have finished No. 3 in dosimetry, and had planned to run away Homosassa. Shi is a Saturday, and especially from young, fast operation, was triumphant. It suddenly at the forefront, “the No. 3 maker of plant, Warrior says to see the actual operation of the ” “so the car has come a new shield, I want to move” but Tokita Mon. I am responsible for the day,”also is said on such short notice “What’s Not today, not bad!”

I countered, “If …” and the power company employees. Such, decided arbitrarily What was it, I do not have the stamina Datte Koch ~ per cent. The power company employees, “it may take a lunch break in the afternoon …” ~ as I was saying that, they’ll joke ! What is absent from the lunch hour, hey What slow food to recover strength! That said, how Arumai. Through the day (give up leisure time), decided to pair up and answered with. Fluorescent tubes at the forefront of fuel to the gas station first thing in the morning (20L), and bring in light traffic, diesel 140L Moraimashita and refueling. Shielding car was refueling a generator of it, while the other operating from PacBot advised to prepare for. Well the robot does not recognize the wireless device. 4.9GHz frequency band because you’re using, and did not appear to interfere with radio waves and other heavy equipment for the pilot apparently. Change the channel, the robot recognizes Semashita. PacBot started by dosimetry. That was terminated, 12 o’clock PM time. PacBot Innovation Dokadoka the truck cargo to move in a hurry to a low dose area. I 15ton vehicles for the movement of the shield was moved Nosshinosshi.

And other trucks parked in the parking spot shielding was narrow and afflictions. I bought me out back and let the air induction electric company employees, it Nakutsu Yarizu hesitation reluctantly …. I was right behind the induction of the track, into the dangerous blind spot (look to boot!). I was also shy, stumbling after the event falls, it could pull. In the past, the guards fall back induction was also attracted to industrial accidents that killed a dump truck. It immediately, then guided me back juniors learned hand. Because he had been on the job with a large car with me in the past, the good even guided dangerous if you know the risks, to induce me on the rear side of the track fine. Feelings are welcome, Demonai I know, strange people, it is better stay away. Also limited to the parking space, front-line field is often distorted by extremely tight spaces. If you roll a large car here (like a mask and full-featured yet fully Tyvek, closed the truck’s air conditioning failed), it raises considerable technical operation. My training was considerable. Bumping or even once, and no rubbing. Say that good at driving, speed up any issue with it is not (you can even fool). In short smoothly and seamlessly, securely and keep on top of that for, professional skills (good at driving it.) “Each accident one day go today?” remembrance in my mind and started working, I get behind the wheel. New cars come shielding. JAXA says Toka is prepared by the research track.8-ton I had heard a car, in fact 4-ton car had long wings. The rear, load-bearing Shigeki 1-ton gate of the power (lift), but with the robot if it (especially Warrior ) can move easier loading. I would like more pictures posted later. 4-ton car on, does not require any large license. Midsize be sufficient only 8 tons. , But it seems to move with me, and I think the move is likely to work for me. After a long 4-ton I drove the car, and let 4-ton if the car’s maneuverability in the narrow field is prone to.

The generator was mounted a small gasoline generator for leisure and modifications to the lower carriage. In this not, in time or space? Moraimashita will be to look inside the chamber. JAXA had been with a single robot. Each with four rubber tires for the agricultural use of air truck, radio control car is essence. It was equipped with a Y camera. This seems to only purpose of measuring Y. If there is no need for stairs or lifting step, the tire would be better than the crawler. This is likely to steer the power company employees, the management of shield car (including driver) are likely to ask us. 100V lighting and power, APU (uninterruptible power supply) which are stacked, even ten thousand stops from electrical, lighting a period of time can be secured in the chamber and the robot PC. At worst, we start the engine of the truck, cargo truck lights (lights in the dark) may give you. By the way, was a forward air suspension Isuzu specifications. In! There are several problems. Not put two of is the extent that the practice of welding booths. One robot, do you know how many people take? Operator, navigator, videographers, position to the instructions of the (power company employees) operator to perform the maneuver with a limited field of view camera equipped robot, lets all concentrate on steering. Field position and status, and posture of the robot, and other risk factors, notes made ​​by a navigator.

Driving and, unlike the one it is impossible to do everything. It is also a radio-controlled heavy, similar companies. And the robot can not move by itself first, work in pairs. If you need another one robot, operator, navigator , the more each. Long-awaited 4-ton carrier of the space I have to do I install a larger shield. I would have a gross vehicle weight issues Well? Do not have air conditioning! There is ventilation in the dark, air-conditioning system will not think so. It is extremely hot in the winter and will be desperate. I just moved in with but not yet, comments are first meeting, after all, a laboratory-it felt.Given these, 15-ton better shielding of the base car is good. The next mission is next Tuesday. Thursday. Warrior gamma camera (weight about 30kg . Toka) attached, infiltrated the ground floor of Unit 3 reactor building the same day. What’s going on where the line source? To explore it. Tuesday is remodeling now, the production is suddenly Wednesday Thursday practice. Well cleaning (decontamination), unlike the just look over there with a γ camera, far too late in training. Therefore, suddenly, today, is not the No. 3 plant manufacturer came. Well. Oh, and this mission was like that achieved with Ainari overtime, and feedback. Once the sleeping car service to Department (van) back, and take your car and your luggage, wait for a family home Road to go!