The Bunny Museum in Pasadena

The Bunny Museum located in Pasadena is home to a story about a couple, who hands each other a bunny gift every day. They don’t shop daily, but as a token of their love, they give each other a bunny a day. Years of this later, they now have over 28,000 bunny items and it’s part of the Guinness Book of World Records. The owner Candace Frazee shows it by appointment only, and although it wouldn’t seem like it from the vast amounts of space it can take, this is her house. I got to see it as a pre birthday surprise.


That’s Jenny and Saelee who took me on this surprise. Did you know they called it a Dream Date? Two girls, one guy, good. 10 minutes of hiking uphill – sweaty and tough. Lunch of snacks while up the hill – good. Pop Rocks – not bad. A yard sale of custom jeweled flip flops – super bad. An Estate Sale – aight. Donut Man – excellent. Nap time – as soon as I fell asleep, I was woken up to go – bad. And the finale, The Bunny Museum.


It wasn’t that the place was the greatest, although it was truly great, it was the conversation with Mrs Frazee. She writes an advice column through snail mail and has some religiousness involved and she didn’t hesitate to start probing myself, Saelee and Jenny. She revealed a lot about herself, but also began to pin point “issues” in each of us. Flighty, have issues of cleaning, addictions, and these weren’t me! I did find out that I’m not a hoarder! I’ve been called a hoarder, but I do dump garbage, I get rid of boxes, and maybe I have clutter, or am messy, but in Mrs Frazee’s eyes, I’m not a hoarder. It’s great to find out that although I’m the recipient of a Dream Date, I’m pretty clean, and my hosts were the ones with the problems. That’s the gift of the day. I left happy seeing thousands of bunny items, some real bunnies, a cute cat and have met one of the most serious collectors of a topic in the world.

The Bunny Museum site


Photos below!

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