NewsBot QuickShot: A Book Of Kitty Cosplay From Japanese Author

If one is going to do something well, even if it is a bit silly, one should take the endeavor quite seriously. And dressing up cats appears to be something Japanese feline clothing designer Takako Iwasa takes very seriously and does quite well. Her new book, “Fashion Cats”, is a surprisingly delightful-looking volume full of pictures of cats dressed and accessorized as various types of fanciful characters. At the link, you’ll see pictures of (what appear to be) very patient kitties dressed as everything from a rabbit and a frog to a king and a queen. There is also a short video in which a beautiful pure white kitty is fed a couple of cat treats, which we suspect may be how author Iwasa secured the cooperation of her group of lovely and fuzzy fashion models. (Laughing Squid – Fancy Kitty Costume Book) “Fashion Cats” is published by Vice Magazine, which has a page promoting the recently-released book here.