QuickShot: Straight Outta Akihabara: Water-cool Your A** in Japanese Traffic

First, there was Super Cool Biz. Then, there was the USB-charged tie fan, and the puffy jacket with the built-in fans. And for our next story on staying cool during Japan’s setsuden summer, we bring you the super water-cooling backside pad! Yes, according to the short report at the link, this pad and water-circulation combination works pretty much like the water-cooling system in a personal computer. Code-named the Ass Water Cooler, this device has apparently been designed to  keep irate drivers cool in major Japanese urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka where summer traffic jams can reach legendary proportions. You can pretty much dope out how the system works by looking at the promotional image we obtained. Pretty “cool” idea, and probably a lot more comfortable that those love beads you see taxi drivers sitting on while they plaster you to the back seat as they drive you to the airport at warp speed. (Akihabara News – Japanese Ass Water Cooler)