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Japan’s Super Cool Biz? Yes. With Aloha Shirts? Ehh, Not So Much.

A few weeks ago, we reported on the Japanese government’s Super Cool Biz campaign, which is basically an initiative to encourage Japan’s office workers and business folk to wear lighter, cooler and somewhat more casual clothing during the hot summer months. It is a big part of this year’s setsuden summer in Japan, where a premium has been placed on conserving electricity due to the country’s diminished electric power production capacity in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown back in March. And apparently the Super Cool Biz campaign has been a big hit. Polo-style shirts in particular have become a kind of new and comfortable symbol of a more relaxed and energy-conscious environment in Japan’s busy and rather serious...

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QuickShot: Straight Outta Akihabara: Water-cool Your A** in Japanese Traffic

First, there was Super Cool Biz. Then, there was the USB-charged tie fan, and the puffy jacket with the built-in fans. And for our next story on staying cool during Japan’s setsuden summer, we bring you the super water-cooling backside pad! Yes, according to the short report at the link, this pad and water-circulation combination works pretty much like the water-cooling system in a personal computer. Code-named the Ass Water Cooler, this device has apparently been designed to  keep irate drivers cool in major Japanese urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka where summer traffic jams can reach legendary proportions. You can pretty much dope out how the system works by looking at the promotional image we obtained. Pretty “cool” idea,...

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NewsBot DoubleShot: Heat-beating Japanese Clothing Gadgets for Setsuden

Since the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, energy conservation has become a very important concern after the meltdown the disaster caused at the Fukushima nuclear power facility. Setsuden, the Japanese term for conserving electricity, has become a popular trend and media discussion topic. And in cities like Tokyo which have been hit hard by Japan’s diminished ability to produce electricity because of the Fukushima meltdown, setsuden has become a necessary if uncomfortable way of summertime life. So, ever the innovators, the Japanese have started coming up with new products and ideas to help people using less air-conditioning in the often stifling summer heat of Tokyo and other cities. You may recall the story we reported a few...

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