Little Tokyo Design Week Photos Day 4

That’s me hitting the stage for my 2 minutes of Pecha Kucha in the first photo below. I was following soon after the creator of the entire event Hitoshi Abe, so that added a tiny layer of pressure. There was a healthy audience at the JACCC plaza again (Let’s do more events at the other location next time, ok?). Hundreds sitting and standing everywhere. I felt some nerves in my hand as I stood there and spoke. While I was getting going, I eased the nerves in my hand while not missing a beat. That never happens, I wonder why it did that night.


This is sad. She was walking around to promote this event. 28… she told me they can’t find some of her cousins to this date. She also said that Sendai gets no aid at all.


The side of the container has a Big Boss Robot design. People stood in front of it and took pictures. It worked.


The Kamen Rider himself. This tattoo wasn’t showing sans the text. I thought the text was all there would be. Then boom. Wow.


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