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I’m writing the extended version of my two minute pecha-kucha presentation at the Little Tokyo Design Week. My job was to formulate a few images into something presentable with the topic of Future City. Earlier that day, I walked through a display featuring Apollo 11 moon landing imagery from the Expo ’70. Both events were monumental and it brought me to the realization that a Future City is based on dreams.

One can only imagine what it was like to live though the space race. Technology was just getting interesting. Room sized computers did nothing that we could comprehend. By placing a man on the moon, a new generation of imagination began. My mother and father watched the live broadcast of the moon walk like almost everyone else. Two weeks later, I was born.

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That’s me hitting the stage for my 2 minutes of Pecha Kucha in the first photo below. I was following soon after the creator of the entire event Hitoshi Abe, so that added a tiny layer of pressure. There was a healthy audience at the JACCC plaza again (Let’s do more events at the other location next time, ok?). Hundreds sitting and standing everywhere. I felt some nerves in my hand as I stood there and spoke. While I was getting going, I eased the nerves in my hand while not missing a beat. That never happens, I wonder why it did that night.


This is sad. She was walking around to promote this event. 28… she told me they can’t find some of her cousins to this date. She also said that Sendai gets no aid at all.


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Giant Robot at Little Tokyo Design Week. I’m a bit behind on the LTDW posts. There’ll be one more post up soon. These photos are from Friday which was slow in our area. It was packed at the JACCC which was screening Totoro and featured another 10 containers, an alcohol area, and a swarm of people. The evening led to nice photos.


Little Bony for you. The little dude fit perfectly in the container as if he were a product.


Martin Hsu who now lives in SF. He’ll be showing at Giant Robot 2 later this year.


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