Little Tokyo Design Week – Life in a Pod in Little Tokyo

The POD is like a taco truck or perhaps more so, a mobile home. You can relocate if you need, and I can’t say it’s the future of anything, but it is the architectural cool thing these days. The Giant Robot POD is up in front of MOCA Art in the Streets and JANM through sunday. We’re next to the Toyota Hybrid cars. The exhibits in these containers range. Some are technology laced and some are simply architectural plans on walls. Those are less interesting, but more than these exhibits and our “pop up shop” are the other events going on. There are lectures and events and more. That’s Money Mark below. He was part of an event at MOCA last night. I’m not seeing much of it, but people seem to be walking around with curious faces. I’ll be there. But meanwhile, the smart money is being at the GR sales during Carmageddon. Surface streets work too.


Brandon Shigeta’s project is some of his photos of art and artists in postcard form. They’re free, and they are many. Evidently some are signed by the artist and those are randomly mixed in. When the cards run out, so does his pod. You’ll catch people looking down a lot.

Also see the photo set at the end of this post.

This is a container featuring earthquake images and video.


That’s us.


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