GR2 Game Night 5, Skullgirls and Skull of the Shogun and Nintendo Street Pass

Game Night 5, brought out a game hungry crowd and served as a nice kick off to the summer, or perhaps it’s a post E3 for the indie gamers. We jumped on to the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass which happened to be on the same day. Perfect. The 3DS above started with a zero friends and ended with 14. People would walk by and see the 3DS and they’d wave theirs nearby and a connection gets made.


We had three game stations inside showing Skullgirls and Skull of the Shogun. The games of the event. Before it got dark, we already had a decent crowd inside anticipating the night for the projections outside.


That’s Kinuko Mariel who’s the lead animator on Skullgirls and Scott Spatola from Meatbun, one of the hosts of the event.


Special Thanks to LA Game Space, Meatbun, Angry Bananas, Attractmode


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