White House x Barack Obama x Asian Pacific Islander Month


The White House visits don’t get old. What you see and experience gets more refined and detailed. It’s akin to visiting a museum’s permanent exhibit again and again. That’s what I came away with after my second visit to the most famous house in the world. The security is still at least 4 id stops including a metal detector, the joining rooms are vibrantly color themed, and the classic antiques fit like an Architectural Digest spread.

May was API Heritage Month, and I thought it was funny that Barack Obama blamed the “new zodiac” making it ok that The White House was celebrating it a month later. I doubt he needed his speech writer for us, since everything was quick and casual, yet he was charismatic in front of the dozens of black wearing, black hair sporting Asians with iPhones and cameras snapping and recording.

Blog post from my visit March 2009.



This visit was different from my last, since instead of an announcement, this was a celebration. The wine, champagne, and soda flowed with the assorted Asian hors d’oeuvres. The best morsel of edibles? Undoubtedly, the sashimi on a skewer. After that, it was dessert, the mini halo halo. I’m not quite sure exactly what the month long celebration is all about since there are unlimited aspects of humans that you can celebrate, but I’ll make the call and say it’s, achievements, effort, and endeavors. From the other side of the “fence” some of you are scratching your heads about this, but being Asian has perks and the month long celebration is one of them.



The White House invite. I photoshopped some of it, since who knows if those digits are ok in the wrong hands.


Visiting paintings are part of the entire experience – just like going to a museum. Paintings can be like old friends. I like this one of Abe. I did shake Barack Obama’s hand again. He has a good grip and his hand is cool in temperature. This was actually nothing compared to the announcement of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal he made just a couple of hours later from same location we were in.



Ayako Fujitani made the trip and talked to Barack Obama.


From outside of one of the windows, this might have been the coolest scene. I’m sure Barack Obama knows this is there.


It was a humid and hot day, but it didn’t stop me from wearing a suit. See the guy to the right? Drenched t shirt. I’ll post once more about the art and antiquities. I took tons of photos of the “stuff” in the rooms. Those are cool.