Taiwan’s Weather Girls of Great Cuteness

“’Weather Girls’ is an ongoing daily segment by Taiwanese animated news network NMATV where a group of cute young Taiwanese girls dance to the day’s weather forecast for Taiwan and the United States.” Yes, that about sums it up.  Amazingly cute Taiwanese girls jump around in Japanese school uniforms (and other outfits) reporting the weather in Taiwan and the U.S. in the most sugary-sweet voices imaginable. And sometimes they speak English, and sometimes they speak Japanese, and most of the time their dancing and allure is probably so distracting that most straight male viewers have no idea what language these girls are speaking in the first place. Well, that was one reaction we, uh, noted. Anyway, you can get distracted yourself at the link, which offers eight video samples of Weather Girl reports from last December through June 12th. And each Weather Girl has a name, while each month has a theme, which explains why the girls wear different types of outfits depending on the time of year. We kind of liked Eco Month; but once you get past the very different approach to women on TV the Weather Girls represent, you’ll probably find you have a favorite girl and monthly theme of your own. (Rocket News 24 – Taiwan’s Super Cute Weather Girls)