In Harbin, China, Tigers Feed on Live Prey for Cash


“One incident this past January resulted in the death of one of the bus drivers.  The driver was killed after being dragged off by one of the park’s tigers in an attempt to check the bus’s engine.” If you happen to be in Harbin, China, and find yourself at the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park with, say, about $300 burning a hole in your pocket, you can arrange to watch live tigers hunt, kill and eat a live cow. No, this isn’t the kind of spectacle most of us would consider seeking out whilst on a presumably well-deserved, relaxing vacation. But it seems to be a hit with tourists, and the park is getting credit for being one of the largest and most successful tiger preservation facilities in the world. On the other hand, though, the park is being criticized for exploiting the tigers to some degree by making their feeding habits a bit of a spectacle. And a dangerous one at that, as the introductory quote above clearly indicates. (TIME Newsfeed – Tygers, Tygers Eating Right)