Graffiti – Ba Le Sandwich Shop

Ba Le Sandwich Shop – Chicago

Ba Le 5014 N. Broadway

In the words of the great Ed Lin, C’mon, graffiti people! It’s bad enough that this thing is 5 ft tall, and is the first thing that you see as you go to get your Banh Mi, but do you really need to taunt us too? I know that you were once a beautiful blank canvas, but they don’t deserve this. They serve yummy and cheap sandwiches and even give you the 6th one free if you buy 5. They make cool funky looking desserts that beg to be eaten. They are a small hard working business, that is an asset to the neighborhood. I eat here all the time and feel bad for them. I’m tempted to turn this into positive advertising for them by re-tagging it…

now wouldn't this make you buy a banh mi or two?