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See the Animal Style skateboard video program at FAAIM in Chicago this weekend!

One of the best things about working on Giant Robot magazine during its 16-year run was providing a showcase for rad work by talented friends. This weekend I get to do it in a different setting–a film festival. With the encouragement of FAAIM director Tim Hugh, I put together Animal Style. The first part collects indie skate videos by Asian Americans, while the second section cherry picks pieces from Asia itself.

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Asian American Film Festival in Chicago

Greetings from Chicago Tim Hugh, one man bandleader of the Chicago Asian American Film Festival This is Tim Hugh and his dog Helga in his kitchen in Chicago. Tim has run the only Asian American Indie Film Fest (i.e. no “imports”) for 12 of the 17 years that it’s been in existence. In this picture, he’s a one man bandleader- running it solo, something I can relate to as a solo musician. I’m in town to promote my film “Daylight Savings” which premiered at SXSW this year, and will be the opening night film this year. Joining me at the screening will be Michael Aki who plays my cousin in the film. I met Mike at this very festival in...

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Asian Attacked in Chicago

This kid takes insane abuse from these teens who use the N word all too liberally for a bunch of middle class looking kids. There’s a lot of descriptions of who these kids are (most deleted their Facebooks). Who knows what will get done. Aside from the abuse he takes, these idiots are weak. They try a bunch of chokes to no avail… good thing. [youtube]CwYTEWklJ98[/youtube]

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