Asia, LA and Music Today – Panel Saturday 5/21

Another panel? Yes, I’m on one on Saturday. I wish Dengue Fever was playing, but they’re not. Hope this one turns out interesting. Two Dengue Fever members, a Hiroshima, and a few stiffs including myself.

Here’s the link to the site.

Crossovers and Hybrids: Asia, LA and Music Today

Chhom Nimol, Lead singer, Dengue Fever
Zac Holtzman, Guitarist, Dengue Fever
Eric Nakamura. Publisher and Editor, Giant Robot
Eric Lawrence
, DJ and Music Librarian, KCRW and host of “Big in Japan” at the Hollywood Bowl
Dan Kuramoto, Band Leader and Producer, Hiroshima
Moderator: Steve Loza, Professor of Ethnomusicology, UCLA