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Save the UCLA Hannah Carter Japanese Garden

Save the UCLA Hannah Carter Japanese Garden. It’s a good looking garden that might get sold to a stranger. It’s in an extremely high rent area and the land is worth more than the value of the garden. The original family, the Carter’s didn’t want this to get sold and a protest is underway. There’s much more info at the link. (LAist – Japanese Garden)  

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Chinese Students Largest Int’l Student Group in US

Yes believe it. Of course, why not with a place as large as the US with apparent wealth, why not send your kids out of your way and across the globe. The graphic says it all. Look at the orange and how many students that represents. Chinese students are huge. It also explains why UCLA a 40% Asian school now has Asian food in one of the dorms “Feast at Rieber”. The photo in the link shows a “yuzu kosho” chicken sandwich. Are they kidding? That’s a highly specialized and detailed meal! Perhaps we can say, Chinese students are the new Japanese students. (VOA – Chinese Students)

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World Cup and Twitter

Saying that history repeats itself is hardly a cliche. It’s an unpredictable trend. The same aphorism doubly applies to the internet. We all remembered what happened back in March after the Tohoku Earthquake. There was a great wave of sympathy directed towards Japan’s plight accompanied with a swell of hate. For whatever reason, people thought that a natural disaster was karmic retribution for World War II and deemed it socially acceptable to voice those thoughts online. As result, a UCLA political science major and a fourteen year old witnessed the internets collective moral fury firsthand. Such also seems to be the case for the Women’s World Cup. The Women’s team tied 2-2 on July 17th, 2011, but dominated with penalty...

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