The Otaku Car – Hatsune Miku in the USA

It’s something new that Toyota is teaming up with Hatsune Miku, the huge pop idol that’s actually a virtual star. It’s straight up on their Toyota Corolla site. Does this mean you can buy a show room ready car wrapped Toyota? Probably not, but you will see ads and more. Take a look at the video commercial.What’s with the voice over, it’s a non match. But the concept and ideas of integrating the “Vocaloid” star of Japan into something here is something cutting edge – especially since Miku is still relatively unknown here.


There’s been previous virtual stars. This isn’t new. Click forward to see a couple more from the past.

Max Headroom! This dude was weird, and way too ahead of it’s time.


Ananova delivering news in 2000.



There’s been others, but they’re escaping me now, but I think that’s what they’re supposed to do in a way. It’s temporary.