Dirty Hands World Premier – Harry Kim and David Choe Los Angeles Film Festival – The Crest

I like Photos of Harry Kim and David Choe. This one says it all, doesn’t it? It was before the film, Dirty Hands was to start. Harry holds a bouquet of flowers. Harry with flowers! He’s holding up a ticket to get in and he’s wearing a tie-dye t shirt that says, Arizona on it. David stands next to him, with a Sharpie and film festival badge in hand, arm around his great friend. Both not knowing how other directors might handle a beginning of a film festival film, often with red carpet bravado and pompousness. This was the opposite. It was as if they handed the keys to the prison to the inmates. Everything was turned on it’s head. Yet, a huge staff of support was there for the film, even if it was just from friends. Meanwhile, a line spanned down the block. It was long. 

Dirty Hands website.
Meet the parents. Harry Kim’s parents on the left, David Choe’s parents on the right. None had seen the film yet. They were proud to wear the Dirty Hands T shirt by Upper Playground. That alone was a great sight. They had no idea what was upcoming and what adventures their kids went on together over the last 8 years. Seeing each other was a great start. Here’s a little back story. Evidently, Harry got into trouble perhaps at the hands of David’s older brother. The Kim’s were apprehensive of the Choe clan, they haven’t spoken in years and years. The film brought them out and together last night. It was a sight at the after film party at Asuka restaurant next door. The elder Koreans sat at a table, talked, and were often seen pointing fingers happily at their kids. Something was brewing and only they know what that is, but being proud was definitely part of it.  The crowd was energetic, they laughed, clapped, and I only heard great things about the film.

Here’s that long, long line. Some got turned away. The theater was packed for this film. If you got in, it was a special night. David Choe hid out and didn’t want to be in the awkward scene of having his parents see him say and do the nuttiest things. I introduced the film, and that was actually tough, since, it’s easy to talk about David Choe, but this time, it was about Harry, and he got a huge cheer when I mentioned his name. The film went off without a hitch. I video taped the Q and A, and I’ll see if I can get that up soon.
My friend Bobby Hundreds. We stood next to each other after the film, taking it in. A nice dude walked by and said, “whoa, my two favorite bloggers next to each other.” I figured that was Bobby’s friend and I got to ride his coat tail for a second.
That’s David before the film.
David and James Jean, the cover artist of Giant Robot 54. We sponsored the after party at Asuka. See the banner that’s sagging? Dave put it up. He doesn’t know tape as well as paint.
Dave signs Converse. He’s featured in an ad for Converse, wish we got that ad in the mag. 

That’s Jessica Sanders, filmmaker – a true paparazzi shot.

This guy got everything.
The scene at Asuka. You can actually make out the parents in the background in the black t shirts!
After after party at Barcade in Korea town. You can actually play games inside. We were there until near 4am.
It was Harry’s night, and maybe year. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this dude. People discount Harry a lot. Imagine, Dave’s a world famous type of artist, there’s been this dude tagging along shooting footage. No one has seen much, and it’s been dragging so long, it seems like it would never ever come out. But lo and behold, this man has major talent along with his staff. Great editing job as well.
That’s big brother, Jimmy Choe on the left.
Even though Harry had a great time, David sat on his face, sweaty nuts to the chin. In this way, these dudes haven’t grown up at all. 
That’s Yoshi Obayashi, he’s a comedian, his brother is a pro skater with the same name.

The night obviously ends in Korean food. The weird thing was that at almost 5am, there was a soccer game on, and I’m sure it was Korea playing, and there were people actually there to watch.