Enfu - Cute Grit Art Monograph (I Wrote the Foreword)

Seattle based artist Enfu's (Ken Taya) new monograph, Enfu: Cute Grit, is finally in our hands. It's a collection of what seems to be everything about his work. It's created almost like a "career book," it demonstrates his longevity, change, hard work, and creativity. It's both a look back, but also a look forward at the possibilities of what's upcoming. 

We've carried his prints for years at Giant Robot. Some pieces, like "Mixed Signals," are among our "best sellers." As a colleague, Comic-con booth partner, and friend, I'm happy to have been asked to write the Foreword. It was quite easy to get out. 

A bit of trivia is that Ken and I often chat about what we need to do to improve everything in our respective careers. It's nearly a few times a week that a question comes up for which we try to find the right answer or strategy. It's endless, and that's what makes the "chase of who knows what" effervescent. 

We'll be hosting ENFU on February 7th, 2015 at a live art, panel, and signing event at GR2. We'll announce more as it approaches. Meanwhile, I created an Enfu entry in our artists section. Long overdue, I know.